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New Insights: Pediatric Therapy Reporting Feature Highlights

From limited report specificity to roadblocks with visibility, many of our users reported grievances with the usability of our current Insights solution.  Our team is always listening and dedicated to always improving the services of our software. We’re proud to unveil our new Insights solution.

Fusion Web Clinic's New Insights Feature. Build Custom Reports Designed for Pediatric Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy.

New Features and Improvements 

The new Insights reporting and analytics solution with Fusion is designed to be more intuitive, easier to use, and reliable for your pediatric physical, occupational, or speech therapy clinic. The new solution allows you to:  

How Fusion Users Can Start Using New Insights? 

New Insights will be available soon for all users currently using Insights with Fusion. But not to worry, you’ll still be able to access the original Insights feature where previously created reports and data will be stored.  

Interested in Learning More about Fusion Web Clinic? 

Having data at your fingertips and running reports to get the information you actually need is key to managing your clinic. If you’re interested in learning more about Fusion Web Clinic and our other features such as Assisted Billing, scheduling, or teletherapy, schedule a demo today.