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Spend More Time Treating Patients and Less on Documentation

Flexible Content Makes Documentation Fast & Convenient

Smart SOAPs & Evals with built-in pediatric content

Make your documentation time efficient with our 80+ therapist built templates and quick phrases. Pick and choose what goes into your notes and evals using only the info and metrics you want, getting documentation done in minutes, not hours.

Track & visualize patient progress

Track patient progress and specific goal mastery. Use only relevant metrics (percent, time, trials, degrees, and more), and automatically graph progress. Share graphs and showcase progress with patients, parents, practitioners and payers.

Fusion Screenshot Showing Documentation

Beautiful reports that your clients can easily understand

Automatically generate beautiful and easy-to-understand patient reports for patients, parents, and insurers. Include goals and progress charts so parents can see exactly where and how their child is improving.


Setup & Support

Our implementation specialists help ensure that Fusion works for your clinic from day one.

ICD-10 Compatible

Fusion stays up-to-date with the latest standards for medical codes and billing practices.

Secure Patient Portal

Securely share upcoming appointments, progress reports, and more with patients. Allow patients to make payments online.

Upload Documents

Upload and store important documents within Fusion, making them easy to access, and email and fax when needed.

Customizable Theme

Let your workspace fit your mood. With more than 30 custom color themes for Fusion, there’s a feel for everyone.

Built-in Quick Phrases

Quickly insert common phrases or even build and save entire templates, saving you time on documentation.

Mobile Friendly

Manage your practice from any web-enabled device. Easily check-in patients and manage appointments from any smartphone or tablet.

Permission Restrictions

Limit what employees can see based on roles. Limit therapists to scheduling and documentation, and give billers only the access they need.

Powered by the Cloud

Securely access Fusion from any web-enabled device, freeing you to work wherever is best for you and your patients.

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