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Teach electronic documentation in your OT, PT, & SLP classroom



Unlimited access for your professors and students


Show modern SOAP, Eval and goal writing practices
Create and assign patients and case studies to your students

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Task Manager

  • Assign & track homework and other custom tasks with “My Tasks”
  • Track, review, comment on, & revise student documents within Fusion

Web Based

  • Fusion lives, securely, on the web & requires no setup or installation from your IT department
  • Students and instructors can access Fusion from any device anywhere they can access the internet


  • Instantly communicate with entire classes or individual students within Fusion
  • Instant peer-to-peer feedback & collaboration from within Fusion

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Step-by-step documentation & goal writing

Intuitive Goal Builder

Teach students to build & track SMART/FEAST/COAST goals


  • The custom goal builder allows for and tracks any metric including – percent, minutes, seconds, feet, times, degrees, trials (x/y), yes/no, assistance levels, and more.
  • Set mastery levels for goals & visually track/refer to progress for case-studies.
Fusion Screenshot Showing Documentation

Patient SOAPs & Evals

Structured SOAP notes make teaching documentation easy


  • Individual tabs for each step segment and clarify the SOAP process. Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan are easily accessible, readily structured, and easily organized.
  • Objective sections come prepared with pre-loaded activities and allow for documentation with any metric, not just sets and reps.
  • Fusion ties documentation directly into the billing process, providing context for the relationship between billing and documentation for students.

Pre-loaded Content

Get started immediately with pre-loaded content or add your own activities, goals, and standardized tests


  • Fusion comes with a pre-loaded goal bank and allows you to easily build and save your own goals if you can’t find what you need
  • Fusion comes with hundreds of pre-loaded activities for OT, PT, and SLP. If you can’t find an activity you need, you can easily add and save custom activities from the daily note.

Easy Setup

If you’ve used an EMR in the classroom before, you know things can get complicated quick.


  • Fusion is easy and requires no customization to get started. Teach Me walks you and your students through how to use it as you go.
  • Empowering you to teach therapy, not an EMR.