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How Does the Use of an EMR Benefit the Front Office?

All-in-one therapy software is great for pediatric therapists. They’re able to focus more on their patients because they don’t have to spend so much time on documentation. That’s especially true if they use pediatric therapy software with pediatric content and other pediatric-specific features built in.

But therapists aren’t the only ones who benefit when a clinic switches to a streamlined clinic management software. The front office will love it too!

Good practice management software (where an EMR is included with scheduling, documentation, billing, and reporting) makes everyone’s life easier.

Here’s how:

1. Less Data Entry

You won’t have to enter patient and payer information over and over again. Once a patient is logged in the system, you can easily create an appointment by selecting the appropriate location, therapist, and patient.

And, if you’re using Fusion as your therapy notes software, when a therapist completes documentation, Fusion can automatically generate a claim tied directly to the daily note. Then you can submit claims to thousands of payers with one click.

2. Less Mistakes

Since you don’t have to enter data as often, there’s less opportunity to make a mistake. And claim scrubbing can catch some mistakes before they lead to claim denials. For example, Fusion’s generated claims have a 98% acceptance rate.

3. Less Claim Rejections

Less mistakes means less claim rejections! You won’t have to go back and forth with payers attempting to get claims paid and authorizations approved.

Also, authorization reminders will help you stay on top of things. That way you won’t have to write off claims due to lack of authorization.

4. Less Digging Through Files

With clinic management software, all your documents will be sorted in one place for your convenience. This will come in handy if you’re ever audited. You can easily access all the documents you need without digging through stacks and stacks of files.

5. Better Reporting

When everything is all in one place, it’s a lot easier to pull data into reports to assess productivity and stay on top of payer payments. For instance, in Fusion, all your data can be accessed in the Insights tab where you can track things like patient attendance, productivity, and charges.

Everybody Wins!

Clinic management software is a win-win decision. If you’re looking for a pediatric-specific EMR, check out our guide below. It will help you know the features you should be looking for during your search.

Pediatric Therapy EMR Checklist

Here’s a checklist to keep these features in mind while you’re searching for an EMR for your pediatric therapy clinic.