Fusion Web Clinic has a New Name and a New Home! Please visit Fusion on www.therapybrands.com.
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Auto-create tasks & control workflows

Keep track of all of your tasks in one location. Track everything from daily documentation to authorizations & Rx expirations. Add and assign custom tasks with “My Tasks” list.

Easily on-board with on-demand training

Seamlessly walk new therapists, billers, and administrators through the Fusion process, tracking their progress as they learn. Once they’ve completed a tutorial, they can easily reference the information in the Teach Me tab.

Quick in-app messaging & team collaboration

Quickly get questions answered on patient status and progress online while remaining HIPAA compliant. The Fusion Messenger allows for real-time collaboration on patient treatment and tasks without compromising compliance.

Government-Level Security & HIPAA Compliant

Fusion complies with HIPAA regulations with government level security. Fusion ensures that every charge is matched to defensible documentation and an appointment. In the event of an audit, this information is easily accessible and legible.

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