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You Asked, We Listened. The New Waitlist Functionality is Here.

Fusion users consistently voted for a waitlist as one of the features you wanted the most. We listened, and we’re proud to announce our new waitlist functionality is launching. 

The Waitlist features will be available for Fusion Enhanced and Billing plans. These users can start using the Waitlist once it’s launched. If you’re a Fusion Basic user and you’re interested in the waitlist, please speak with one of our specialists about upgrading your plan.

What Does the Waitlist Do? 

Say goodbye to scattered post-it notes and cumbersome excel spreadsheets. The Waitlist functionality is fully integrated within Fusion, which helps eliminate redundancies and simplifies scheduling. With this function, you can: 

Add a new or existing patient to the waitlist with options to track: 

View the waitlist with the following available actions  

Remove the waitlist entry when the patient is scheduled 


How Does That Help You? 

Instead of leaving patients in post-it notes and scattered spreadsheets, you can enter patients, update their information and find them without leaving the waitlist, as well as find available appointments more easily thanks to scheduling integration. Patients are prioritized based on waiting time. 

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