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Big Changes Launching in Fusion: What You Need to Know

This year marks the 10th anniversary of our company. We’ve learned a lot about how our customers use Fusion, including what they love and improvements they’d like to see. We recognize how important of a tool our product is in helping you accomplish your work.

That’s why we’re excited to announce a collection of new features and improvements coming soon that we’re calling the “10th Anniversary Update.”


Our goals for this project were huge: create new features, improve essential workflows, and build a more consistent, flexible code base that would allow us to build more content, more quickly for our customers moving forward.

This update will look different and feel different, but Fusion will be able to do all the same things it did before. Now it will be better, and you’ll finish your work faster and more efficiently than ever before.

So what’s changing and when? Glad you asked!

Improved Calendar


The new calendar will look familiar but packs a set of powerful new features. Here’s what’s new:

Filters: You can apply filters to your calendar by location, service, user, and patient. For those customers asking for an all therapist/all location view, it’s coming!

Views: With Views, you can save sets of users and toggle between them. If you’re a supervisor, this makes viewing schedules for groups of therapists super simple.

User Colors: Managing a crazy calendar can be a challenge. Now you can customize the color of each user and toggle between user colors and preset appointment types.

Printing Schedules: Printing schedules just got a lot easier. With the new printing feature, you’ll only print appointments for the current calendar view. Whether you need to print one user’s schedule at one location or a set of users for multiple locations, you have options.

Increased Task Visibility

Task Manager

Tasks is receiving a complete redesign. Instead of tasks being condensed into a small side bar, you can view them using the whole screen. You can assign tasks both to yourself and individual team members and know when their assigned tasks have been completed.

Easier Searching

New Search Bar

Across Fusion, we’ve made searching for what you need much easier. Whether it’s tasks, reminders or something else, it’s probably searchable. As an added bonus, you can now search for and add patients from any tab in Fusion.

Flow of Documentation

Document Scrolling

We are passionate about making Fusion great for therapy documentation. With that in mind, here are two changes we know you’ll be excited about:

Document Scrolling: We wanted documentation to feel more natural than filling in a form. With the new scrolling feature, we’ve streamlined how therapists complete their treatment notes and evaluations.

Save as you go: Losing a document you’ve been working hours on is a huge hassle and having to remember to save over and over is impractical. In an effort to prevent loss of time and data, documents will now automatically save as you complete sections. If something happens, don’t worry – your work is safe.

Improved Billing Workflows

Claim View

Billing is never easy. At Fusion, our goal is to make this process as stress free as possible. We’ve added several additional features to help you stay more organized and create an overall better workflow:

New Claim Layout: When opening a claim, you’ll now see several tabs allowing you to toggle between several different pieces of information. From one screen, you’ll be able to see each instance of the claim, the attached remittances, the claim history, and the notes section.

Upgraded Notes: This section has been around for quite a while, but most customers never see it due to it being hidden by layers of buttons and dialogs. Now, the Notes tab is getting center attention so billers can notate everything as they work.

Remittances Section: Payer Payments has been replaced with a new Remittances section where, in addition to all received EOBs, you’ll see all claims currently pending payment. This gives billers more visibility of their pending claims and an opportunity to better manage their account receivables.

Redesigned Invoices


Invoices are getting a facelift. Now you’ll see several additional fields providing more clarity about charges and payments.

Better Help Content

In-App Knowledge Base

We try our best to make Fusion as intuitive as possible, but users will always have questions as they use our software. With that in mind, we’ve added an in-app knowledge base where you can access help content directly in Fusion. Have an issue you can’t solve? Now you can find the solution without ever opening an extra tab.

Moving Forward

The 10th Anniversary Update is a project we are incredibly excited about and we hope you are as well! This would never have been possible without the participation and feedback of our customers and for that, we thank you.

If you saw something you’re excited about or are even a little unsure of, please let us know – we’d love to hear from you. We aren’t ready to launch these changes yet, but it’s getting closer! Continue to check your inbox for more updates.