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How to Get More Therapy Clients with a Winning USP

If you’re planning on starting a pediatric therapy practice, you’ve probably already started thinking about how you’re going to get new clients. Generating referrals is one of the most effective ways to grow your clinic, but there are plenty of other marketing channels to consider. Wherever you focus your marketing efforts, you’ll need to determine your Unique Selling Proposition (USP), and figure out how to explain it to potential clients and referral sources.

What’s a USP?

In short, a USP is a concise explanation of why people should choose you over the competition. It could be based on your experience, your focus on a particular area, your facilities, etc. Anything that sets you apart from other pediatric therapists in your discipline could be an effective USP.

How do the services offered by your pediatric therapy practice benefit your patients better than any other practice out there?

Define Your USP in Four Steps

Here are four steps to follow as you develop your USP:

  1. Who? Determine your target audience. Be as specific as possible, this could be both demographically or needs based.
  2. What? Explain the problem you’re solving. Remember to consider this from your patient’s perspective and from their caregiver’s perspective. What might be a pain point in their life that your practice can uniquely solve for them?
  3. Why You? Explain why you solve their problem better than anyone else. List the biggest benefits a patient gets from choosing you over other practices. In other words, what sets you apart? Is it convenience, is it highly trained specialists, or something else?
  4. Define your USP. Use what you’ve come up with so far to arrive at your unique selling proposition in a simple, succinct way that illustrates your promise to your patient. You won’t be able to fit every benefit into your USP, so focus on the biggest differentiator that your clients will value the most. For example, at Fusion Web Clinic, our USP is “The only clinic management software made just for pediatric therapists.”

Broadcast Your USP

Now that you’ve determined what makes you better than the competition, make sure your potential clients know it. Put it on your website, in your promotional materials, and be sure to mention it when you’re talking to potential referral sources.

And make sure you live up to it! Drive home your USP with your staff so that everyone is striving to deliver the specific benefits you provide so that every client leaves your clinic a happy customer.