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Home Education Platform

Fusion Web Clinic’s Home Education Platform (HEP) will streamline your home exercise programs by allowing you to manage them from the same place you manage everything else. Just like Fusion, our HEP add-on is designed specifically for occupational therapists, physical therapists, and speech-language pathologists.



Improve Outcomes

You won’t have to make copies of printed handouts and hope caregivers are able to keep up with them. You’ll empower caregivers to know how to help their children succeed by attaching activities to their patient portal so they can access them anywhere. By providing exercises in an easily accessible format, you’ll increase carryover, which will improve outcomes.


Stay Organized

Stop worrying about keeping track of printed handouts or files on the computer. Just upload your own exercises and educational resources so that you know where everything is when you need it.


Document with Ease

Forget about tracking down handouts and manually faxing them to insurance companies. Easily document your home exercise program and fax it with the click of a button.


Content Library

A growing library of pediatric exercises, activities, and other handouts

File Manager

A management system for uploading and organizing your own HEP resources

Integrated Notes

A documentation integration to attach HEP resources to specific notes

Patient Portal

A patient portal integration to make HEP resources accessible to caregivers

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