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How Can I Encourage My Clients to Include Movement in Their Days?

Regardless of why your patient comes to physical therapy, they’re there to address some area of their body that needs help. Whether it’s their knee pain and they need to strengthen the muscles in that area to prevent the pain, stability where they’re learning how to balance and walk, or any other reason, they are moving their body. Movement is an inherent part of PT and therapists are constantly looking for ways to increase the amount of movement in their patients’ lives. Why? Because it will help them.

Benefits of Regular Movement for Physical Therapy:

Movement helps everyone, it seems. Whether you’re trying to recover from an injury or trying to train for a marathon, incorporating more movement seems to be the best route to go. But it goes deeper than that. Some of the main benefits of daily movement include:

  1. Reinforces PT Efforts – Whatever a patient is learning in PT, they can take it into their normal lives and repeat it. In fact, that is often what they are tasked to do. The more committed they are to their exercises, the more positive their results will be. So, patients must find a way to move every day.
  2. Builds Strength – Movement builds strength. It helps strengthen the muscles that support our skeleton, which for some people is a huge element in preventing pain and discomfort.
  3. Boosts Mood – Regular movement can have a positive impact on mood, focus, and cognitive functioning.
  4. Creates Good Habits – Introducing regular movement into our lives carves the path for us to introduce other good habits into our lives, like healthier eating.
  5. Encourages Positive Health – Exercise and movement are good for heart health, cognitive health, and more. Moving at least a little every day can encourage positive health trends.

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How to Encourage Patients to Introduce Movement into Their Daily Life:

While most people know that movement has all these benefits, they don’t automatically jump at the chance to introduce it into their daily life. This is because it isn’t always that easy. Developing new, positive habits is challenging and exercise is both difficult and intimidating if you’ve never done it regularly. As their physical therapist, it is vital that you offer support and encouragement to help them make the transition into regular, daily movement. What does that look like?

Encouraging your patients to adopt daily movement offers tons of benefits for them and their physical therapy. By following these tips, you can help them get started.

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