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How to Get the Most Out of the 2018 AOTA Annual Conference & Expo

The AOTA Annual Conference, the Diagon Alley of occupational therapy, is just a couple days away!

Whether you’re looking to learn, find a job, check out the latest tech, or just collect swag you won’t want to miss “the largest gathering of occupational therapy professionals in the world”!

Here are a few tips to make sure you get the most out of the experience.

Pack Smart

Carry a backpack or something else comfortable. Don’t make it too heavy, but remember the essentials. Phone charger, snacks, water, laptop, tablet, etc.

And if you don’t want to have to look for power the whole time, bring a portable battery. That way you won’t have to sit on the floor by a power outlet while you wait for your phone to charge.


Get the App

You’ll definitely want to get the app. Once you download it you’ll have access to the complete conference schedule, maps, speakers (and their handsouts), and contact information for fellow attendees.

Here are the instructions on how to get it:

  1. Go to the App Store (Apple) or the Play Store (Android)
  2. Search for “CrowdCompass AttendeeHub”
  3. Download the app
  4. Open the app and enter AOTA
  5. Tap 2018 AOTA Annual Conference & Expo to open it

Then just create a login and you’re good to go!

Build Your Schedule Ahead of Time

There’s a lot going on in Salt Lake City this year! Make sure you make the most of your time by building a schedule with AOTA’s scheduling tool. That way you won’t be standing around trying to figure out where to go at the end of each session.

Using the scheduling tool, you can add everything you want to see to your schedule so that you can reference it during the conference. Don’t forget to leave some time for continuing education courses and the exhibition hall!

Take Continuing Education Courses

Get the most bang for your buck! Since the conference is so expensive, make it a priority to take as many CEUs as you can.

There are over 1,000 CE opportunities at the conference. You can earn up to 24 contact hours over the course of the conference! And a ton of them are directly related to peds.

Check them out and add them to your schedule on here.


Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with occupational therapists from around the world! Using AOTA’s app, you can connect with other OT/OTA students, OTRs, and COTAs at the conference by sharing a “digital business card.” Then you can keep track of everyone you meet in the “Your Contacts” section of the app.

Check Out the Exhibition Hall

Don’t miss out on all the cool exhibitors like Chubuddy, Clinitote, and the people who designed my son’s Cranial Band.

This is your opportunity to see all the latest technology, tools, and toys that the industry has to offer. Share your favorites with us on Facebook!

Catch the Live Stream

If you can’t go, AOTA will be live streaming some sessions here. You can watch the Welcome Ceremony, Presidential Address, Future of the Profession Town Hall Meeting, and more.

Share Your Experiences

We’d love to hear how the conference goes for you! Share your pictures, videos, and comments with us on our Facebook page!