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One less thing to do.

See how Fusion’s integrated payment processing can improve your workflow.


Easy setup. No monthly fees.

Skip a step & get paid faster.

Fusion’s integrated credit card processing allows you to handle patient payments without having to leave your clinic management software.


Instead of processing transactions outside of Fusion and having to reconcile after the fact, everything is connected automatically and just works. Fewer steps. A seamless workflow.

How to Sign Up for Payment Processing

  • Go to Admin → Payment Processing and click the + Application button in the lower right hand corner.
  • When you’ve filled in the application, click the Save Application button.
  • The clinic owner will be asked to answer a few questions to verify their identity.
  • Once your application has been processed (typically within two business days), your Customer Success Manager will reach out to you to finish setting up your clinic.

Using Payment Processing

  • Take payments at checkout or from a billing account.
  • Use the Transactions page to void or refund a payment.
  • Save credit or debit cards as a payment method for a patient so you don’t have to wait for the next visit to process a payment.
  • View reports on processed payments with the Transactions insight. You can also export a report for another system, such as QuickBooks.

More Features & Benefits

Accept all major credit cards including many HSA and FSA cards.

Generate refund receipts for patients.

Boost point-of-service patient collections by processing credit cards at checkout.

Improve patient collections by keeping credit cards on file.

Stay on top of payments by running reports for transactions.

Get started without having to pay upfront or monthly fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I pay to process payments in Fusion?

There is a fee of 3.29% + 30¢ for each transaction you process through Fusion. 

Are there any upfront/monthly fees?


Will I have to agree to a specific term length?

No, there isn’t a required term length for payment processing in Fusion.

Is there a difference in fees when swiping or keying in a card?

No, fees are the same for all transactions.

If I refund or void a payment, is there a charge?

There is no additional cost associated with voiding or refunding a payment. However, when refunding a payment, you will still pay the fee for the original transaction.

How do processed payments show in my bank account?

Check the Deposits and Withdrawals article for details about how transactions will appear in your bank account.

How do process payments show in my client’s bank account?


The transactions on your client’s bank account will have a description that includes “VTG*” followed by your clinic’s DBA name, which will help them recognize your charges on their statements.


What types of credit cards can Fusion process?


Fusion accepts all major credit and debit cards, including many HSA and FSA cards.


How does Fusion handle and store credit card data?


Fusion never stores cardholder data. The information goes directly from the form in Fusion to the payment processor who returns a secure token to us. This token is then stored and used to charge the card. No Fusion employee ever has access to cardholder data, and it is never stored in any Fusion database.


Does Fusion work with a card reader?


Yes, many card readers will work.


Is a receipt generated for refunds?


Yes, Fusion does generate a receipt for a refund, so your patients can have a record of the transaction.