Fusion Web Clinic has a New Name and a New Home! Please visit Fusion on www.therapybrands.com.
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The New Patient Portal

Give your patients secure online access to a variety of great features. Scroll down to learn more.

Save time

Your days of constantly having to email documentation or invoices to the same patient multiple times are over!

Get Paid Easier

Your customers no longer have to be on location to make a payment, so it's easier for you to get paid.

Reduce Printing Costs

Cut down on the number of documents you have to print, and give your customers the option of going paperless.


Give your customers access to the things they need.

Download HEP Activities

Customers can access the home education activities you have assigned to their patients.

Make Online Payments

Customers can view their account balance, check invoices, and make payments in a secure online environment.

View & Save Documentation

Customers can see, print, and save specific documentation from their patients’ visits.

See Upcoming Appointments

Customers can quickly check when their next appointment will be.