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Fusion Web Clinic develops therapy software specifically for pediatric therapists like you.

Streamline Your Clinic with All-in-One Pediatric Software

If you’re a pediatric therapist, shouldn’t you be using an EMR that was made for pediatric therapy? With Fusion Web Clinic’s pediatric-specific EMR, you’ll find that you’re more focused and efficient than ever. That’s because we only include the features that you need, and we’ve developed them to work for you.

Get the EMR that was made for you! Our pediatric-first solution will make therapy schedulingtherapy documentationtherapy billing, and therapy reporting as painless as possible!

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“Our therapists love it, our staff love it, and I sleep much better at night as a business owner knowing that our scheduling, documentation and billing are secure, organized, and efficient.”
Cristina S.
Owner - Vida Bella Services

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