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Release Notes – April 2019

May 3, 2019 4:19 pm

Welcome to April’s release notes! Here we review recent product enhancements to help you stay up to date with the changes happening in Fusion.

What's New

Email Receipts


Receipts can now be emailed for recorded payments and payments processed through Fusion’s integrated payment processing!

After the payment is made, you’ll have the option to either print the receipt or email the receipt. For payments processed through the patient portal, an email confirmation will automatically be sent to the portal user.

Notes on Billing Accounts


Calling Fusion Billers everywhere; you’ve been talking, and we’ve been listening. You can now add notes to billing accounts!

What’s the benefit?


  • Increased security: You can now save important billing information in a place that only those with billing permissions can access.
  • Better records: Having a place to store notes in billing accounts allows you to keep a record of actions taken (i.e. a negotiated billing plan).
  • Improved Organization: For clinics with multiple users working in billing accounts, you now have a central spot to communicate important information about the account.

Preview Uploaded Files in Fusion


Previously, if a document was uploaded into Fusion (whether in case notes, resources, or an attachment to a patient document) you had to download the document onto your device in order to view it. Now, Fusion will provide a preview in-app for the following document types: PDF, PNG, and JPEG.


Why does that matter? Not having to download sensitive content to your device ultimately increases security. As an added bonus, it saves you time too! 

Other Updates

Improved Pull Forward


The Pull Forward button on daily notes and evaluation-type documents will now pull forward information from the last time that section was completed.


Previously, information was only pulled forward from the last document. For example, if standardized test data was filled in on an initial evaluation and that section wasn’t used on a progress note, that information can now be pulled forward onto a re-assessment. Learn more here!

Note: This will only look back at the last ten completed daily notes or evaluation-type documents. If a section was not used within ten documents, then the information will not pull forward. 

Scroll Position in Billing


Fusion will now remember your scroll position in areas of the Billing tab. When going back or saving something, Fusion will no longer refresh to the top of the list when working in the following areas:


  • The list of received remittances
  • The list of claims on a remittance
  • The claim list
  • The list of billing accounts
  • The list of invoices

Drag and Drop to Edit a Series


Dragging an appointment in a series to a new time slot will now give you the option to either change only that appointment or edit the series in the Move Event dialog. 

Fusion Favorite

This month’s Fusion Favorite is brought to you by Kathy, one of our Customer Success Managers.

Claims Tab in Billing Accounts

The Claims Tab of the patient’s Billing Account gives you a quick glance of all of the patient’s claims including the status & payments. This let’s you quickly “see” if a payment seems incorrect based on the history.

To access the claims tab in billing accounts:

  • Click the Billing tab.
  • In the left sidebar, click Billing Accounts.
  • Select the patient you would like to view.
  • Click the Claims tab.

Quick Tips

Quickly Filter the Calendar


You’ll generally apply filters using the filter icon filter_icon in the upper right. However, you can also apply several filters by clicking the column headers on the calendar. Filters you can apply this way include:


  • Users
  • Services
  • Day & Week view

Bugs We Squashed

Our engineers corrected several issues you helped bring to our attention. Here are just a few!


  • When editing a daily note, goals will now be grouped and ordered by goal category. Previously, two goals with the same goal category may have been broken up by a goal with a different category.
  • The payments list in the new patient portal will now automatically update when a payment is made without having to refresh the page.
  • Documents that are revised or declined in old Fusion will now be sent to the correct place in the update. Previously, they were sent to the Completed or Sign Off tab, and clicking the document would display the PDF instead of editing the document.
  • Documents pending co-sign will now appear in a patient’s list of completed documents.
  • Re-ordering outcome measures will now save as expected. Previously, the order you chose would reset once the section was saved.
  • File extensions, such as .pdf, will always be saved when a file is uploaded to Fusion. Previously, the extension was dropped if the file name was longer than 50 characters, which prevented files from being sent as an attachment.
  • When you finalize a claim from the claim form that includes a “Non-Covered” adjudication, the Finalize To field will now default to the next payer, rather than the billing account.
  • Corrections were made to the Oral-Facial Examination evaluation section.
  • An error message now appears if you try to submit a print-only claim to a payer through Fusion. Previously, the claim would be moved to Queued, but would never be sent.
  • Authorization reminder icons (the green or red bell) will now automatically refresh when the order of authorizations is changed in the patient’s information. Previously, you would have to close and re-open the patient’s information to see the updated icons.