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Release Notes – April 2020

May 8, 2020 8:55 pm

Welcome to the April release notes! This is our monthly highlight reel of changes in Fusion. Click here for a detailed list of changes in each release.

In April, our team focused on squashing bugs and preparing for our teletherapy release on May 1.  We’ll share more about that in May’s release notes, but you can find out about it now by clicking here.

What's New

  • Admin users can now assign a document header to a location when adding or editing a location. Previously, you could only assign a document header from the document header.

Bugs We Squashed

Our engineers corrected several issues you helped bring to our attention. Here are just a few!

  • The Authorization Number field on a claim form now accepts hyphens. 
  • On remits, the View File button and Print Adjudications button will now display claim-level information when the sum of all adjustments equals zero and all other values are also zero. 
  • For clinics with centralized billing, the number of daily notes that need to have charges submitted will now display next to the Charges page. Previously, a question mark appeared. 
  • When you download a document with the new physician signature information to Word, it will now open as expected. Previously, an error appeared in Word indicating a table had become corrupted.
  • Under Clinic Options in the Admin tab, you can now set the Invoice Due field to “0” days. Previously, an error indicated it was not in the right format.
  • When signing a daily note as a contributor, the confirmation message will no longer indicate that charges will be submitted. 
  • The PDF viewer has been updated, which should allow PDF documents with movable fields to display as expected when viewed within Fusion. Previously, some information in the movable fields would not appear unless the document was downloaded. 
  • Resolved an issue that prevented you from uploading a resource even if it met the file size requirements. 
  • Resolved an issue that prevented you from saving changes to a document header in certain situations.