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Release Notes – August 2019

Sep 6, 2019 12:40 pm

Welcome to the August release notes! This is our monthly highlight reel of changes in Fusion. Click here for a detailed list of changes in each release.

What's New

3-Click Adjudication Reversals


Billers can now quickly reverse an adjudication from a remit or from the Adjudications tab in a claim.

Search and Sort Documentation


Therapists can now search and sort their documentation in the Docs tab.

Clearer Charge Amounts


Across Fusion, we have made adjustments to make it more clear what dollar amount is being recorded on or charged to a patient’s account.


  • In the Checkout and Add Line dialog, the amount fields (Co-Payment, Account Payment, and Total) will now automatically add the decimal format if it’s missing. For example, if you enter “200”, Fusion will change it to “200.00”. 
  • When adding a payment from the Checkout or Add Line dialogs, the total of the amount fields (Co-PaymentAccount Payment, and Total) will be shown at the bottom of the dialog. This will clarify that the total of both fields will be recorded in Fusion or charged to the card.
  • When trying to submit a payment through the patient portal or an emailed invoice, a confirmation appears showing the total amount that will be charged to the card and asking if they want to continue.

Other Key Updates


  • When a claim is removed from a remit, a record is now added to the claim’s history that indicates the remit it was removed from. 
  • The Adjudications insight now includes a column for Location.
  • When selecting a state for an address, you can now choose AEAP, or AA for military addresses. 

Quick Tip

Process payments through Fusion and be entered to win a $1,000 Amazon gift card!


Did you know that we’ve partnered with VISA to help you get more done as you start a new school year?  For every credit card transaction processed through Fusion between August 15th and September 15th, your practice will be entered into a drawing to win a $1,000 Amazon gift card.  Not only will you save time (no more manual entry!), but you could also win a gift card to tackle your practice’s back to school supply list!  


  • If you’re already enrolled in Fusion’s payment processing, all you have to do is process credit or debit cards as usual.  This includes payments collected through the patient portal or through Click-to-Pay Invoicing.
  • If you haven’t yet applied, click here to find out more information and get started today.

Bugs We Squashed

Our engineers corrected several issues you helped bring to our attention. Here are just a few!


  • Therapists who have co-signed a document can now revise that document as expected. This will cause it to appear in the primary therapist’s document list.
  • Users scheduling an appointment will no longer receive a conflict warning when editing an appointment series if the new time of the appointment overlaps the old time of the appointment.
  • The date for documents without an appointment that have been signed by an amender but were never signed by the original therapist will now be the date of the first amender’s signature.
  • Users with the Allow Self-Scheduling permission can now schedule appointments from the patient’s appointment list. 
  • For clinics using centralized billing, the Date filter in Billing → Charges will now include all daily notes for the selected date range as expected.
  • You can again add unavailable time to the calendar for an entire day by leaving the Time fields blank. When the Start or End dates for unavailable time are left blank, the summary view of the unavailable time will say “Starting on DATE” or “Ending on DATE”.
  • The Pull Forward button in evaluation-type documents will now look for previous documents by the date of the appointment. If the document isn’t linked to an appointment, the date the document was created will be used.
  • Standardized test sections will now appear in the expected order both when editing a standardized test and when a test is added to a document. 
  • Users who do not have the Scheduling or Docs permission but do have the Self-Scheduling permission will now be able to schedule appointments for themselves.
  • The count of documents in the Docs tab will now update as expected when a progress note is deleted.