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Release Notes – December 2018

Jan 7, 2019 8:10 pm

Welcome to Product News! This is our monthly highlight reel of changes in Fusion.
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Happy New Year! 2018 was a big year for us at Fusion, and we’re excited about what we have planned moving into the new year. Thanks to your feedback, the 10th Anniversary Update saw numerous enhancements and added features with more on the way! Keep reading for a recap of what we released last month.

What's New

Patient Check-in Alerts

Therapists will now receive an alert when one of their patients for that day checks in or cancels!

Important: Both the user checking in appointments and the treating therapist must be in the update before the check-in alert will appear.

Message All Users at a Location

Now when creating a message in Messages, you can easily include all users at all locations or a single location!

Patient Checkout Hover

Once a patient is checked out, you can now hover over the Checkout icon to see the recorded co-paymentreference number, and method.

Feeding & Dysphagia Eval Content

We added a new Feeding / Dysphagia eval section! Anything related to feeding or dysphagia can be found in this section with the following new and updated eval templates:

  • Feeding History (for ST, OT, PS, & TH therapy types)
  • Feeding Assessment (for ST, OT, PS, & TH therapy types)
  • Dysphagia History (for ST & TH therapy types)
  • Bedside Swallow Evaluation (for ST & TH therapy types)

Note: The current Oral-Facial Examination eval section now only includes Oral-Facial Examination.

Re-ordering Content in Documents

You can now re-order content within additional sections of documentation! Content in the Therapy Activities and Home Activities sections can be re-ordered while in edit mode by clicking and dragging the move handle to the left of each item. 

Sections with large pieces of content, such as in evaluation-type documents, can be re-ordered by clicking the button in the upper right of each section. This applies to Outcome MeasuresStandardized Tests, and other evaluation sections (such as Performance Skills).  


Password Security


We have several updates releasing soon to increase password security for all customers with a Fusion login. To help with this effort, you’ll be receiving a notification asking you to reset your password and create a new one that meets specific criteria. Be on the lookout for more information in the coming weeks!

Quick Tips

Success Guides


Have you checked out our new success guides? There is a guide for each role, and they are packed with video content so you can learn the parts of Fusion that matter most to you. If you’re in the update, click the Help icon in the upper right and click Get Started to find them!


We’ve held several webinars over the last few weeks to help you understand and learn all the new features in the update. You can view recordings on our webinar page!