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Release Notes – February 2019

Mar 3, 2019 6:51 pm

Welcome to February’s release notes! Here we review recent product enhancements to help you stay up to date with the changes happening in Fusion.

What's New

Editing Documents for Other Users


Administrators can now choose to assign documents to another user for amending if the treating therapist is inactive and no longer available. 


Transferring a Document


  • Administrators can transfer a document to another user from the Users page in the Admin tab. Click the View Documents icon to the right of the user to view the list of the user’s documents and assign them to an amender.
  • Administrators will be required to provide an explanation for why the document is being transferred. The explanation will appear on the final document.

Note: If the document has been transferred to another user for amending, an administrator can move the document back to the original user as long as the amender has not made any changes.


Signatures and Billing Codes


If the original therapist has signed the document: 


  • The original therapist’s signature will remain on the document.
  • Billing codes cannot be changed by the amender.

If the original therapist has not signed the document:


  • The original therapist’s signature will not appear on the document.
  • Billing codes can be changed by the amender.

Note: If the amender does not have signoff permissions, they will be asked to send the document to a co-signer when they are done.

Password Security Updates


  • When a new user is created or a user’s password is reset, they’ll receive an email with a secure link. Clicking the link will sign them into Fusion and prompt them to create their password. Be sure the user’s email in Fusion is a valid email address that they have access to. 
  • To prevent anyone other than the user from getting access to their password, the option to set a default password for the clinic is no longer available. 
  • If the user does not receive a password reset email, they can reach out to support at support@fusionwebclinic.com.
  • If the user tries to log in with an incorrect email address or password six times in a row, Fusion will temporarily lock the account for ten minutes. The user can either wait ten minutes and try again, or use the Forgot Password button to reset their password. 
  • To make the user aware of any changes to their account, an email will be sent when:
    • A password reset is requested for the account
    • The password is changed
    • The account is locked
    • The email address is changed
  • Stronger encryption technology is being used to store passwords. 

Option to Turn Off Access to Old Fusion


Clinic administrators can now turn off access to old Fusion for their employees! Having your entire team using the same system means when questions arise, you’ll all be using the same language. This also ensures your team has plenty of time to learn the update and be prepared for when old Fusion is phased out. 


When this feature is enabled: 


  • The Revert to Old Fusion option will no longer be available. 
  • All users will be switched to the update the next time they log in to Fusion or reload their browser. This ensures they are not interrupted if they are actively working in Fusion.

To enable this feature for your clinic: 


  • Go to the Admin tab.
  • From the sidebar under Basic Setup, click Clinic Options.
  • Click the Edit General Settings button.
  • Set the Old Fusion Access field to “No”.
  • Click the Save General Settings button. 

Note: Administrators can change this option to “Yes” to re-enable access to old Fusion.

Adjustment to the Default Sign Date


The sign date will now default to the current date if the Edit Document Sign Date option is enabled. Previously it defaulted to the date of service. 

New Pull Forward Option for Goals


You can now pull forward goal data and comments on daily notes, and you can pull forward goal notes on evaluation-type documents from the previous evaluation-type document.


 Note: This will pull forward the latest data point for each goal before the current document’s date of service. It is not necessarily pulling forward the previous document’s data point. For example:


  • Goal A and Goal B have data points for 1/1/2019.
  • Goal A has a data point for 1/10/2019.
  • If Pull Forward is used on a document for 1/20/2019, Goal A’s information will be pulled from 1/10/2019, and Goal B’s information will be pulled from 1/1/2019.

New Home Activities


If you have Fusion’s Home Education Platform, we have 10 new activities available across multiple therapy types:


  • Walking on Uneven Surfaces
  • Sensory Strategies for the Home
  • Bilateral Coordination Activities to Do at Home
  • Squats
  • Reflex Integration 
  • Following 2-Step Directions
  • Tips to Help Kids Accept Different Food Textures 
  • Pronoun Matching (He, She, They)
  • Initial “sk” and “sl” Words
  • Using Books to Promote Speech & Language 

Want to get your clinic access to Fusion’s Home Education Platform? Reach out to our team at support@fusionwebclinic.com and let us know.

Fusion Favorite

Batch Printing Claims


Do you submit paper claims? You can batch print claims from any claim queue using the following steps:


  • Select the checkbox to the left of the claim you would like to print.
  • Click the Print button in the bottom left of the screen.
  • Select whether you would like to include the CMS 1500 background.
  • Click the Print button in the lower right.

Quick Tips

Release Notes


Did you know that you can see what’s releasing throughout the month? Learn about updates as they happen by reading the release notes for each change. If you’re in the update, click the Help icon in the upper right and click What’s New to find them!