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Release Notes – June 2019

Jul 1, 2019 3:43 pm

Welcome to the June release notes! This is our monthly highlight reel of changes in Fusion. Click here for a detailed list of changes in each release.

What's New

Click-to-Pay Invoicing


When sending an invoice via email, your patients can now click a link to make an online payment immediately without having to login to the patient portal. Here are some key details:


  • These payments are automatically linked to the invoice.
  • Patients will not be able to pay more than the balance listed on the invoice. 
  • An email receipt will be sent to the address the invoice was sent to. 
  • When the invoice expires, the invoice can’t be downloaded, but a payment can still be made.

Moving Between Claims on a Remit


You really loved this feature in old Fusion, so we’re bringing it back! When clicking a claim in a remit to open the adjudication dialog, you can now navigate to the previous or next claim in the list without having to close the dialog. 

Visits Tab on a Billing Account


The Visits tab on a billing account has been revamped and will now allow you to:


  • Create a claim once charges have been submitted on the daily note.
  • Send charges to the billing account once charges have been submitted on the daily note.
  • View details about the visit’s charges, including whether they are not yet submitted, are on a claim, or are on the billing account.

New Evaluation Content


The Reflexes evaluation section has received a major overhaul and has been replaced with two new evaluation sections: 


  • Developmental Reflexes
  • Deep Tendon Reflexes

Legacy Admin Reports


Most of the Legacy Admin reports from old Fusion are now available in the Insights tab in the update. You can access them in the Legacy Admin Reports section. For a detailed list of each admin report and its current status, check out this help article.

Fusion Favorite

This month’s Fusion favorite is from Kristen, our General Manager.

Payment Processing

Payment processing is a relatively recent addition to Fusion, and it adds so much value for clinics!

  • Business owners can seamlessly collect payments without having to leave the system.
  • You can increase your cash flow without additional effort by utilizing the patient portal and click-to-pay invoicing.
  • Processing payments directly through Fusion decreases data entry time and human error.
  • You don’t have to reconcile your payment processor with information stored in Fusion.

Quick Tip

Did you know that you can submit feedback at any time and vote on other people’s ideas in Fusion’s Suggestions Forum? Here’s how you can access the forum to vote and submit feedback.


  • Navigate to https://fusionwebclinic.uservoice.com/
  • Click the area of Fusion you would like to submit a suggestion for.
  • In the Enter your idea field, type in a few key words.
  • Click the button to determine if you want to Vote for an existing idea or Post a new idea.
  • Follow the prompts to complete your submission.

Bugs We Squashed

Our engineers corrected several issues you helped bring to our attention. Here are just a few!


  • Admins can now delete resources that have been added to the clinic. Previously, the option to delete these resources was missing.
  • The border of red buttons when you hover over them will now be red as expected. Previously, the Fusion theme color was sometimes overriding the button’s border color.
  • The Users and Patients filters on the calendar are now sorted by last name and will be displayed as Last Name, First Name.
  • When Outcome Measures on an evaluation are re-ordered, they will now print on the final document in the custom order. 
  • When printing a balanced invoice with multiple pages, the “PAID” stamp will now appear on the first page as expected. Previously, it only appeared on the last page. 
  • When a user tries to void a payment processing transaction, Fusion will now check the transaction status from the vendor again to make sure it hasn’t already been processed. If it has been processed, the transaction will be refunded instead. Additionally: 
    • Fusion will now update the status of transactions four times an hour. 
    • The name of the void or refund icon on the Transactions page has been changed to “Cancel”. 
    • The void/refund dialog’s title and button have been changed to “Cancel Transaction”.
  • When viewing a saved report, the columns will now be sorted in the saved order. Previously, they were sorted in order of appearance.