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Release Notes – March 2020

Apr 9, 2020 4:06 pm

Welcome to the March release notes! This is our monthly highlight reel of changes in Fusion. Click here for a detailed list of changes in each release.

What's New

The physician’s name, credentials, and NPI will now appear with the physician signature line on documents.

Other Key Updates


  • You will now request a student credit when creating the user in Fusion by selecting “Yes” in the new Student Credit field. These requests can no longer be submitted after the user has been created. 
  • In the Torticollis evaluation section, the existing torticollis grades have been updated and an additional Grade 8 has been added based on the new APTA guidelines. 
  • POS code 50, Federally Qualified Health Center, is now available for locations and claims. Claims with this POS code will show the location’s information in box 32.
  • The Fusion Billing Plan page has been updated to make it easier to find information about your Fusion plan. 

Bugs We Squashed

  • Goal graphs in progress notes not tied to an appointment will now show the expected data points. Previously, the goal graphs would only show future data points.
  • The order of goals on an evaluation will now be consistent between editing an evaluation and the preview or completed PDF. 
  • When editing an evaluation’s Frequency / Duration section, clicking the Fill In icon for the Effective Range (Plan of Care) will now work as expected. Previously, an error message appeared.