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Release Notes – May 2019

Jun 3, 2019 4:19 pm

Welcome to May’s release notes! Here we review recent product enhancements to help you stay up to date with the changes happening in Fusion. To view the full list of updates and changes, click to view our weekly release notes.

What's New

Format of Patient Names


We received feedback about how names are displayed in Fusion. Now, names that appear in a list across most areas of Fusion are formatted as Last Name, First Name (Nickname). 

Scroll Position in the Docs Tab


Fusion will now remember your scroll position in areas of the Docs tab. Previously, when going back or saving something, Fusion refreshed the page to the top of the list. This change applies to the following areas: 


  • From a patient’s Goals page. 
  • The list of Daily Notes. 
  • The list of Evaluations. 
  • The list of Progress Notes. 
  • The list of Re-Assessments. 
  • The list of Discharges. 

Completed Patient Documents


When you open a patient’s list of complete documents, you can now scroll through all of their documents. Previously, a default Date filter was applied that you needed to change in order to see more documents. 

Coming Soon!

Pay Emailed Invoices Online


Soon, when you send an invoice via email there will be a custom click-to-pay link that your patients can use to make a payment in a matter of seconds.

Not only is this feature highly convenient for your clients, but it also links the payment to the correct invoice automatically. You can say goodbye to having to manually link these payments to the invoices yourself!


Turn on payment processing through Fusion, so you can use this feature as soon as it is launched!

Fusion Favorite

This month’s Fusion Favorite is brought to you by Derek, one of Fusion’s founders!

Table Sorting

Table sorting has been a great addition to the update. You can now sort everything from messages in the message center to claims in the billing tab. It’s a great way that Fusion helps people work the way they want to work. You can do this anywhere you see the sorting icon in a column header.

To sort a table by a column, click the header:

  • Once to sort ascending (A to Z) ,
  • Twice to sort descending (Z to A), and
  • Three times to remove the sort.

Bugs We Squashed

Our engineers corrected several issues you helped bring to our attention. Here are just a few!


  • When adding a new goal in the update, the Start Date will default to today’s date. Previously, no date was populated.
  • When adding or editing a goal, the Start Date will now remain blank if you save it without a date. Previously, today’s date would still populate.
  • If a co-signer was set on a document in old Fusion but not signed by the original therapist, the document can now be assigned to an amender.
  • If an ERA is received for a finalized claim that causes the claim to be out of balance, the claim will be un-finalized. Previously, it would remain out of balance in a finalized state.
  • Uploading resources to the clinic will now work as expected. Previously, the user received an error message that prevented the resource from being uploaded.
  • When using Microsoft Edge to view files uploaded to a patient, the files will no longer appear to be duplicated.
  • The end date of an appointment series can now be changed to an earlier end date. Previously, an error appeared indicating that nothing about the appointment series had been changed.
  • Authorization reminders will now appear as expected. Previously, if all of the current reminders did not include an authorization track, no reminders would appear.
  • Authorization reminders for authorizations without a track will now indicate they are for all services, unlimited visits, and all billing codes. Previously, the reminder left these fields blank.
  • The Charge Summary will now include appointments where charges haven’t been submitted. Previously, if you chose to “Omit Electronic Claims”, those appointments would be excluded if they were associated with a payer that had an electronic remitter.