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Release Notes – November 2018

Dec 3, 2018 6:42 pm

Welcome to Product News! This is our monthly highlight reel of changes in Fusion.
Click here for a detailed list of changes in each release.

The 10th Anniversary Update experienced quite a few changes in November! Keep reading to see what improvements we made to documentation, the calendar, Messaging, and more.

What's New

New Saving Options

Therapists asked us for an easier way to save in documentation, so we’ve updated how saving works in both documentation and the patient information sections to improve the workflow! Here’s what’s new:

  • You no longer have to click the save button for each section you’re working on! Sections now save automatically when you click out of a section. You also have the option to click the Save or Cancel buttons. 
  • If you have an unsaved section and try to close the document or patient information using the X in the upper right, it will ask if you want to save and close or review that section.
  • We’ve added a new Save button in the lower right of documents that will save your current section and close the document. 

Expanding Text Boxes

Many fields in documentation now automatically expand to accommodate content! This gives therapists more visibility when adding and editing content in free text fields. 

Messaging Enhancements

We’ve made several changs to Messages to improve the experience! Here’s what’s new:

  • New filters help you quickly locate important messages! You now have the following filter options: SubjectMessageSenderRecipientDate, and Read Status.
  • We’ve adjusted the way that particpants in a message display in the message list view, so that only the first few participants display. This saves space on messages that have many participants!

Viewing Inactive Users

You can now see appointments for inactive users on the calendar! Here’s what to expect:

  • When viewing a date range that includes an appointment for an inactive user, that user’s column will automatically appear unless your filters would exclude them.
  • Columns for inactive users are shaded with the unavailable time color for the entire column, including the user’s name, to indicate they are inactive.
  • You can now search for inactive users in the Users filter, and they will appear in the list in gray italics with the word “Inactive” in parentheses. Inactive users will only appear in the list when searching.
  • An appointment cannot be dragged to or from an inactive user.

Multiple Fusion Tabs

Now you can have multiple Fusion tabs open in your browser!  If you regularly swap between tasks in Fusion, this really comes in handy. For example, you could have one browser tab open to the calendar and another browser tab for working on documentation. 


Increased Password Security


We have several updates releasing soon to increase password security for all customers with a Fusion login. To help with this effort, you’ll be receiving a notification asking you to reset your password and create a new one that meets specfic criteria. Be on the lookout for more information in the coming weeks!

Credit Card Processing Enhancements


We’re adding additional features to Fusion’s integrated credit card processor! If you’d like to see certain features, take the brief survey below and vote for your favorite.


Want more information about credit card processing in Fusion? Check out our help article to learn how you can sign up.

Quick Tips

Submit Your Ideas


We want your feedback! When you’d like to see a change or just have an idea you’d like to share, let us know. In the update, click the help icon in the upper right of Fusion and click Make a Suggestion. We review every piece of feedback and your voice will help determine what we work on next! 

Success Guides


Have you checked out our new success guides? There is a guide for each role, and they are packed with video content so you can learn the parts of Fusion that matter most to you. If you’re in the update, click the Help icon in the upper right and click Get Started to find them!


We’ve held several webinars over the last few weeks to help you understand and learn all the new features in the update. You can view recordings on our webinar page!