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Release Notes – October 2018

Nov 15, 2018 6:13 pm

Welcome to Product News! This is our monthly highlight reel of changes in Fusion.
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With the 10th Anniversary Update in full swing, we’ve received lots of great feedback from our customers and made several changes to help increase efficiency. Read on for a review of several changes to documentation, the calendar, and more!

What's New

Inline Editing

We’ve added inline editing to additional sections within documentation and the patient information section! This will help streamline your workflow and reduce the number of additional dialogs when adding and editing information. 

Adding Activities

Many therapists have asked us for a better workflow for adding activities within a Daily Note. Now you can add and edit activities within the same space!

Viewing Patient Goals

Short-term goals now automatically display in the Docs tab! You have the option to hide them and only show long-term goals if needed. 

Goal Data Formatting

We made a few adjustments to the formatting of goal data in daily notes to make it more readable. 

Viewing Schedules

Admins now have the option to prevent therapists from seeing other users’ schedules. When a user’s Calendar setting in Admin is set to View personal calendar only, it will remove all filter options from their calendar except for Locations and Patients.

Day of the Week Picker

Originally, the day picker from old Fusion wasn’t available in the update. Customers let us know they loved this option for switching between days, so we added it back! The date at the top left of the calendar transitions to the day of the week picker when you hover over the calendar navigation icons.

Appointment Colors

We’ve made adjustments to the color of appointments on the calendar! Appointments with a Type of Initial EvaluationRe-AssesssmentDischarge, or Progress Note display with a tan background color when the Colors calendar option is set to Presets. Appointments of the Type of Normal will display with a blue background. Document and alert icons will also now display as circular icons in the lower right of an appointment.

Authorization Reminders

The Authorization Reminders page has received an overhaul! Now you can sort the information by patient, payer, remaining, and expiration by clicking the column headers. You also have the option to filter by patient and payer. 

Fusion Favorite

We’ve seen lots of changes to Fusion in the new update. As you’ve discovered all the new features, have you found a favorite? Check out a new feature Sarah, our resident SLP and Customer R&D Specialist,  finds handy in the update!

Goal Workflow


Managing goals in old Fusion while working on documentation used to be a hastle. In the update, therapists can manage and add goals without having to close the document. This greatly improves the workflow and reduces the amount of time it takes to document! 

Quick Tips

Success Guides


Have you checked out our new success guides? There is a guide for each role, and they are packed with video content so you can learn the parts of Fusion that matter most to you. If you’re in the update, click the Help icon in the upper right and click Get Started to find them!


We’ve held several webinars over the last few weeks to help you understand and learn all the new features in the update. You can view recordings on our webinar page!