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Release Notes – September 2019

Oct 8, 2019 1:31 pm

Welcome to the September release notes! This is our monthly highlight reel of changes in Fusion. Click here for a detailed list of changes in each release.

What's New

Capture a Visit Signature 


You can now record a patient or caregiver signature for a visit to have additional documentation verifying that services took place. This is typically used for home or school-based treatment. Click the following link to learn more about this new feature: Get a Visit Signature

Additionally, the Appointments insight can now include the name of the patient or caregiver who signed for the visit, as well as the date and time the signature was provided. 


Medicare Insurance Type Code


You can now select the Insurance Type Code for Medicare payers when filling in a patient’s secondary or tertiary coverage information, which will be included on the electronic claim behind the scenes.

Other Key Updates


  • You can now search for patients in the Reminders On / Off page. 
  • We’ve made some changes behind the scenes to make saving sections in a daily note a little more snappy.
  • We’ve made some changes to streamline submitting charges in a daily note:
    • Submitting charges will no longer bring up a confirmation dialog. 
    • When editing charges, the mouse cursor will now be in the Quantity field by default if billing codes are already selected. 
    • If you’re required to select a supervisor before signing, the Charges section will now indicate that a supervisor hasn’t been selected. 
    • A warning will appear before trying to sign a daily note if required information is missing from the document, such as billing codes, units, or a supervisor. 

Quick Tip

Weekly Therapist Webinar


Fusion now offers a weekly webinar where we show you how to use Fusion as a therapist. There will be a live Q&A, so bring your questions!

Bugs We Squashed

Our engineers corrected several issues you helped bring to our attention. Here are just a few!


  • Self-schedulers can now add themselves to an appointment that has been changed from an Other Event to a patient appointment. Previously, they could not add themselves to the revised appointment. 
  • When using Firefox, clicking a date in the date picker or clicking the Today icon will now scroll you to the correct date. 
  • Balanced statements will now show “$0.00” as expected. Previously, some statements showed a “-$0.00” balance.
  • We’ve made loading the Document Headers page more snappy for clinics that have a lot of headers. 
  • If a portal user’s account is locked from too many failed login attempts, they can now reset their password to unlock their account as expected. Previously, a password reset would not unlock the account immediately. 
  • Claims will now show a red dot when a claim rule marks a field as a problem. Previously, some claims showed a green dot even though they couldn’t be submitted. 
  • When diagnosis codes are added to a patient, they will now appear in the order they were added. Previously, they appeared in a different order until you manually re-ordered them. 
  • The messages that appear on the login page, such as messages for an incorrect password or an expired password link, will now be visible for smaller screens.
  • The lines are now automatically removed from an adjudication when selecting the Non-Covered option. Previously, this step had to be completed manually. 
  • When pulling forward patient history, outcome measures, standardized tests, or evaluation sections in an evaluation-type document, sections that were added in a previous document will now be skipped over if they were not filled in. Previously, the blank section would be pulled forward onto the document.