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PT, OT, and SLP Blogs to Follow in 2021

Pediatric therapy professionals are always learning, evolving, and finding new ways to help their patients. This ongoing process can include keeping up with industry journals, reading books, and attending seminars. Blogs written by fellow OT, PT, or SLP specialists are another fantastic option, and they usually take less than 10 minutes to read. You can learn valuable information about industry trends, get inspired by stories of patient successes, or dive deep into an innovative technique. This collection of high-quality OT, PT, and SLP blogs will make for insightful reading in 2021.      

Physical Therapy Blogs

Pediatric physical therapy blogs to follow.

Athletico Physical Therapy 

This national network of Physical Therapy clinics offers top-notch care for people of all ages, especially athletes. The Athletico Physical Therapy blog is a collaborative effort from many of the clinic’s PT professionals, which makes a very diverse and informative resource. Posts dive into every aspect of patient care, including the best way to treat specific injuries, how to motivate patients, and the importance of empathy.  

Mike Reinold 

Mike Reinold is a noted physical therapist and athletic trainer who has worked for the Boston Red Sox. His well-established blog covers a broad range of physical therapy topics, but with a focus on exercise and helping active patients stay injury-free. You’ll also find plenty of practical advice for professional development in the PT field, including managing your workload and collaborating with other healthcare professionals. Mike also explores these topics on his podcast.  

Starfish Therapies  

This pediatric physical therapy blog written by Stacey Menz is geared towards supporting both parents and PT professionals that work with children. She is the owner of Starfish Therapies, a clinic that provides rehabilitation services to patients from the age of zero to 22. Her blog offers detailed advice on how to encourage strength, coordination, motor development, and much more. Many of the posts have specific exercises and activities, including games, stretches, and tips for using mobility tools. 

Occupational Therapy Blogs

Pediatric occupational therapy blogs to follow.

The OT Toolbox  

Colleen Beck has been an occupational therapist for more than 20 years, including school-based settings and early intervention. She has worked with children with fine motor deficits, sensory processing dysfunction, and many other challenges. The goal of The OT Toolbox is to promote the healthy development of kids with play-based learning and evidence-based practices. Her approach is always very informative, and every activity suggestion has a detailed explanation for why it can help kids develop specific skills.    

Skills 4 Life 

Along with being a pediatric occupational therapist with 3 decades of experience, Karina Black knows what it’s like to be a special needs child. She struggled with school throughout her childhood because of a visual impairment and poor hand-eye coordination skills. She went on to found a pediatric occupational therapy practice in 2010. Karina specializes in helping kids with handwriting, dyslexia, executive function skills, and more. The Skills 4 Life blog is regularly updated with actionable, well-researched interventions that can help children develop necessary life skills.   

Growing Hands-On Kids  

Heather Greutman writes a popular resource for parents, teachers, and pediatric occupational therapists. She’s on a mission to help children reach their potential with enriching, hands-on play. Growing Hands-On Kids is full of creative ideas for engaging children in enjoyable activities that improve their fine motor skills. You can also read thoughtful posts on developmental milestones, handwriting skills, and the importance of creating a sensory diet.  

 My OT Spot 

This informative blog is an amazing resource for anyone that’s just getting started with a career in occupational therapy. Sarah Stromsdorfer is on a mission to help new OT professionals thrive by providing useful content for every step of the journey. My OT Spot has thoughtful advice on how to be more productive, managing the emotional challenges of being an OT, and using evidence-based practices.   

The Inspired Treehouse 

This popular blog is the collaboration of two practicing pediatric rehabilitation therapists. Claire Heffron is an OT, Lauren Drobnjak is a PT, and they both have extensive experience in school-based settings. The Inspired Treehouse is their joint effort to create child development resources for parents, teachers, and healthcare professionals. The blog covers topics like improving visual motor skills, advice for teletherapy, and fun seasonal crafts.   

Speech-Language Pathology Blogs

Pediatric speech-language pathology slp blogs to follow.

The Dabbling Speechie 

Felice Clark is a speech pathologist working in a pre-K to 5th-grade setting. Her blog is a great resource for helping school-age patients have fun while reaching their speech and language goals. The Dabbling Speechie has a wealth of creative ideas, including functional crafts, seasonal therapy activities, and engaging lessons. Felice is very passionate about the value SLP professionals can offer their patients, which also her makes her blog a highly motivational read.    

Speech Time Fun  

Hallie Sherman’s blog is brimming with practical tips for working with older speech therapy students. The current focus on Speech Time Fun is making the most of remote SLP sessions by using virtual resources. Recent posts have highlighted how to incorporate digital tools like Kahoot and Jamboard to practice language skills. Hallie also shares valuable content on her podcast and YouTube channel.    

Anna Dee SLP 

This excellent blog is a must-read for SLP professionals that work with toddlers and preschoolers. Anna Dee is passionate about the value of natural, play-based therapy for early intervention treatments. Her blog has detailed posts on enriching activities that kids really enjoy, including the use of toys, stories, and digital. Anna Dee SLP also specializes in actionable advice for helping patients with childhood apraxia of speech.  

The Speech Bubble SLP 

Maureen Wilson is a school-based SPL with down-to-earth advice to on handling the challenges of the job. Her blog manages to be both conversational and very substantive. A recent post offers thoughtful analysis of the research behind literacy-based speech therapy, as well as concrete examples of how to incorporate this technique. The Speech Bubble SLP also highlights activities, many books, toys, and games that are designed to encourage language skills. 

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