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“Fusion has significantly decreased the amount of time I spend doing paperwork! The shortcuts, preset evaluations and lists, and flow of information is wonderful and makes things so much easier and simpler.”
Nikki R.
Pediatric OT - Advanced Therapy Solutions
“Our company recently switched from an adult-focused EMR to Fusion. Fusion is easy to use and much more relevant to our practice. Our documentation time has been cut down significantly.”
Deanna M.
Owner - Interact Pediatric Therapy Services
“Reports are easily generated with the ability to customize what is reported (i.e. musculoskeletal, developmental, or neurological eval templates and subsections of the reports).”
Melissa S.
Staff Physical Therapist - Therapy360

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"The organization of Fusion has significantly helped us in writing complete reports in a timely and efficient manner. When I see reports that are written on other systems I’m very glad that we chose Fusion.”
Monica B.
Owner - Innovative Expressions
“With smart documentation and auto claim creation, we no longer spend hours creating patient documents or manually generating claims. Fusion has given us the ability to see more patients than ever before and has completely revolutionized the way I run my clinic. Our therapists love it, our staff love it, and I sleep much better at night as a business owner knowing that our scheduling, documentation and billing are secure, organized, and efficient.”
Cristina S.
Owner - Vida Bella Services
“Fusion offers a visual appeal and reassurance to claims and their status. As a collector, I spend most of my time in the 'not paid' and 'rejected'” features which increases my time efficiency and the happiness of my manager. I am able to narrow down the problem claims this way. Fusion is my friend!”
McKenzie K.
Collections Specialist - Marshall Pediatric Therapy
“The software is easy to use so it does not take a lot of time to train new staff. Our administrators use it to manage all aspects of patient administration and our clinic supervisors can easily monitor staff compliance.”
Pia S.
Owner - Step by Step Pediatric Therapy Center
“Fusion has made documentation painless, if that’s possible. It is entirely customizable which is fantastic. It exactly suits a pediatric OT clinic.”
Christina L.
Owner - Child's Play OT Services, LLC

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