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SLP Blogs to Follow in 2020

There’s always something new to learn as a speech therapist. The internet is a goldmine of information for learning best practices and finding new ideas to implement. Blogs written by experienced SLPs who share your passion for helping patients can help to renew your energy and excitement for the work. Here’s our list of the top 15 SLP blogs we recommend following in 2020.

1. A Perfect Blend Teaching

The author of this blog, Amanda, is a school-based SLP, has created a vibrant and well-organized site where she offers product reviews, do-it-yourself projects, and guidance for school-based SLPs. She also has a store with free and for-purchase classroom activities. Amanda is active on social media on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

2. Activity Tailor

This blog was created by Kim Lewis MEd, CCC-SLP for parents and SLPs. Kim works in a school setting and provides creative and easy activities designed to help students achieve success while having fun. 

3. All4MyChild 

This blog serves to accompany a suite of apps for social development, but it also includes a frequently-updated list of books that the writers recommend in their practice. Meghan Graham MS, CCC-SLP, Jill Perry MHA, MS, OTR/L, and Karen Head MS, CCC-SLP designed this blog for parents, speech therapists, and educators.

4. Autism Resources and Community

This comprehensive blog covers many topics, concerns, and challenges related to autism. It’s geared toward parents, teachers, and therapists and contains a wealth of information. Multiple contributors with a variety of educational and professional backgrounds provide this site with diverse perspectives. 

5. Speech Techie

This blog is a must-read for technically-savvy SLPs who want to stay up on the latest technology and how it can be used. The author, Sean Sweeney CCC-SLP, is a private practitioner and has presented at Boston University and American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) on using technology. He’s also a former EduBlog first-place winner in the new blog category. If you’re interested in learning how technology can benefit your practice, this is the blog for you.

6. Speech Lady Liz

Written by second-generation SLP, Elizabeth Gretz CCC-SLP, this blog is designed for both parents and practitioners. It features fun, colorful, and culturally-relevant activities for kids and is presented with creativity and energy. 

7. Speech Room News

This award-winning blog is full of fresh and fun activities. You’ll also find a shop with a wide selection of books and other resources. It’s a lively and energetic blog written by school-based SLP, Jenna Rayburn MA, CCC-SLP. 

8. Mommy Speech Therapy 

If you’re looking for clear and down-to-earth explanations of speech and language disorders in a way that can be shared with parents, this is the blog for you. You’ll also find tips for reinforcing key skills at home as well as the basis behind various speech therapy methods. Heidi Hanks MS, CCC-SLP also has posts of navigating and understanding the school special education process that may be helpful to parents. There are a lot of free downloads as well. 

9. Sublime Speech

This blog is heavy with plenty of do-it-yourself activities and free downloadables designed to make speech and language therapy fun and engaging. Danielle Reed MS, CCC-SLP  integrates technology and creative resources with lots of fun activities. Though the posts aren’t as fresh as some of the other blogs, this one has a wealth of tips, must-have lists, and free and low-cost tools that can be useful.

10. Play on Words

If you’re looking for toys, books, and games that can help support your work with fun and creativity, this blog is for you. Sharing from personal experience working and playing with children for over 35 years, Sherry Artemenko MA, CCC provides her recommendations for SLPs and parents alike.

11. Playing with Words 365

Though this blog is written for parents and caregivers, it offers a wealth of information and is quite popular with SLPs as well. It can help you better understand the parent and caregiver’s perspective and provides support for how to work with children. Katie Yeh  MA, SLP-CCC aspires to bring parents and professionals together through this blog.

12. The Speech Meadow

This site is written by a Canada-based SLP working with young children. She focuses the material in her blog and items-for-sale in her store to younger kids around ages 2-6. It is a treasure trove for kids in this age range.

13. Super Power Speech

This blog by Cheri Chin MS, CCC-SLP offers bold imagery to offer SLP superpowers of a sort. The tagline, “Empowering SLPs and Educators with Super Ideas” sets the tone for the blog, and the content provides excellent tips and articles that are useful and easy to implement.

14. Speech Time Fun

Hallie Sherman MS, CCC-SLP, a.k.a. “Miss Speechie,” is a school-based SLP with a passion for working with kids. She brings creativity and fun to her ideas and offers many tips, tricks, and activities. Hallie also has a podcast that she recently started.

15. In Spontaneous Speech

Cindy Montalbano created this site to assist SLPs with lesson planning. She offers a large, well-organized repository of materials that she has personally used over the last 30+ years working in a school-based setting. She also includes helpful video clips. 

Whatever you’re looking for, we think you’ll find it in one of these fantastic blogs. We’ve been inspired by the insights and ideas we discovered!

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