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The Top 6 Places to Find Free Pediatric SLP Resources

In my last post, I shared a list of sites where pediatric OTs can find free resources. Now I want to show some love to all my speechies out there!

There are a lot of great pediatric resources for SLPs out there if you know where to look. To make it easier, I made a list of the best websites with free resources for pediatric speech-language pathologists.

These sites offer a range of resources from artic cards to recipes to worksheets and more. Tell me in the comments if you know of any other sites I should add to the list!

Also, make sure you check out the free resources we created for you at the end of the post!

1. Speech and Language Kids

Speech and Language Kids offers free articulation cards, flash cards, and other speech materials.

2. Feeding Matters

Feeding Matters is a feeding blog that offers a ton of resources for SLPs. They’ve got handouts, recipes, templates and more. 

3. Home Speech Home

Home Speech Home has resources, handouts, eBooks, videos, and more. They even have an app!

4. The Speech Bubble

The Speech Bubble is an SLP’s blog that also includes a lot of free resources, like these artic clips. You can find even more free resources on her Teachers Pay Teachers store.

5. Testy yet trying

Testy yet trying‘s free resources page hasn’t been updated in a while, but it still has a lot of great stuff. The resources here are all created by an SLP whose two children both have a history of abnormal speech development. 

When she was working with her children, she became frustrated with the lack of quality resources available and started making her own!

6. Mommy Speech Therapy

Mommy Speech Therapy is run by Heidi, an SLP and mother of four. This is a great place to go for articulation worksheets.

She also provides free resources in her Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Did I miss your favorite?

I hope these resources help you make therapy sessions fun for your patients! Let me know if there are any resources or websites I should add. 

What’s your go-to spot for pediatric therapy resources?

Download Free Pediatric Therapy Resources

Using some of the resources from our Home Education Platform, we’ve created a bundle of free pediatric therapy materials for you to use in your clinic. We hope you like them!