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Do You Work on the Weekends?

I hope you were able to kick back and relax this weekend.

Unfortunately, we hear from a lot of pediatric therapy professionals who don’t have enough time for themselves. The good news is, we’ve been able to help a lot of them take their weekends back.

Take David Ainsworth of Stepping Stone Pediatric Therapy, for example.

David Was Stretched Too Thin

David was working after hours because billing was taking up an extra eight hours a week. Meanwhile, his therapists were having trouble keeping up with their documentation. Everyone was stretched too thin.

We hear the same thing from therapists around the country, so we know David’s not the only one.

Are you stretched too thin?

…then you should consider streamlining your practice with Fusion Web Clinic. We’ll help you take your life (and your weekends) back.

How David Streamlined His Practice

For David, relief came when someone suggested he call Fusion Web Clinic. After the demo, he could tell he’d found a winner. His therapists loved it. The OTs, PTs, and SLPs all found the system easy to understand.

And David calls Fusion’s integrated billing the “icing on the cake”. Automatic claim generation, electronic remittance automation, and centralized payer management made tasks that used to take hours much more manageable.

David’s not the only one who’s saving time with Fusion Web Clinic. Here’s what other pediatric therapy professionals have to say about us:


“It has made documentation painless, if that’s possible.”

-Christina L.
Clinic Owner

“Fusion has significantly decreased the amount of time I spend doing paperwork!”

-Nikki R.
Pediatric OT


“I have worked on many medical billing software systems and I feel Fusion is one of the easiest to learn and navigate in.”

-Traci H.
Billing & Credentialing Specialist

“Fusion takes the stress out of insurance billing.”

-Patricia C.
Clinic Owner

All-in-One Software

“[Fusion] has greatly eased our paperwork burden and the turnaround time from seeing a patient to receiving payment lessened significantly giving us a much better cash-flow.”

-Pia S.
Pediatric PT
Clinic Owner

“[Fusion] makes the therapy billing process seamless from scheduling appointments, to documentation, to billing, to invoicing.”

-Patricia C.
Clinic Owner

Streamline Your Practice

If you’re ready to streamline your practice with Fusion Web Clinic’s all-in-one clinic management software, schedule a demo today. With our billing plan you will: 

And every plan comes with our 5-star customer support, so you’ll be a Fusion expert in no time!

Don’t Wait

Yea, you could keep doing what you’ve been doing. But how’s that worked out so far?

If you’re spending time outside of work on documentation or billing, then it’s time to find an EMR that will give you your life back.

Request a demo now, and one of our pediatric therapy specialists will reach out to help you make sure that Fusion is the best fit for your practice.

By the Way

If you schedule a demo today, let your pediatric therapy specialist know that I sent you and ask them to throw in a three-month free trial of our HEP.

And remember: it’s almost summertime! Get started this month so you can spend your weekends in the sun instead of buried in paperwork 🙂

Request a Demo

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